Who We Are

Ray Stevens as the director of Oikos Architects has been a practising architect since 1981 and a registered chartered architect since 1983. Since commencing architectural practice, a diverse range of commissions has been undertaken ranging from large commercial projects, residential and hotel developments to small, specialized heritage conservation projects.

Oikos architects was established in 1992 to provide architectural skills to the specialized residential and heritage conservation sector. The architectural practice specializes in designing new housing projects, alterations and additions to existing houses as well as smaller commercial and community scaled projects. Most projects have been carried out within the older parts of the inner city area which often require particular design, heritage conservation and negotiation skills.

The word oikos is an Ancient Greek word meaning domestic house or household and is also related to oikonomia meaning domestic management. It has a further etymological root to the word and notions of economy (oikos house + nomia to manage) and further important connections to the word ecology. The name of the practice Oikos Architects, has been selected to reflect these principles in a modern world.

We have adopted for our Oikos Architects logo, the plan of house No. 6 at Chysauster in Cornwall which is a Roman-British late Iron Age courtyard house. Even as a 2,000 year old ruin this place communicates a timeless place and dwelling.

  • Raymond Stevens (Director)
  • · B. Sc(Arch) University of NSW (1977)
  • · B. Arch (Hons) University of NSW (1981)
  • · Registered Architect (NSW ARB) Registration No. 4458
  • · Member Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) A+ Member
  • · Member Association of Consulting Architects.

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    Roman-British Iron Age Courtyard House, Chysauster House, Cornwall England

    Chysauster House Sketch